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The pay and benifits structure can should and needs to be revised and improved for lease purchase drivers. There should not be no load dispatched paying under 2.80 per mile. Yes the company has to make money but so does the man/woman who decides to go forward and participate in the lease purchase program the company offers. I spoke with an owner operator a year or so ago who told me that he paid out his truck at U.S. Those who seem to be failing the most right now are those with big truck payments. $2,000+ is a big payment to make each month.

us express reviews

To your knowledge, are they hiring SOLOS? It’s bad enough https://www.reddit.com/user/uss_express_reviews/ living with someone in a 6 by 9 foot box while training.

U S Xpress, Inc Company Review

I spent 3 in a half weeks with a trainer to get 175 hours of behind the wheel. 1st trucking job, great pay + benefits. Really great experience of the trucking https://addicongroup.com/ business. Really loved working for Us Xpress . If there was a problem I had they helped in any way they could.. Kept myself in shape by unloading the trailer.

us express reviews

I was involved in a single vehicle accident. The company placed me on unpaid suspension waiting the results of the safety committee investigation. After 6 weeks of not making any money and not being able to apply for any type of new work the fired me for unsafe safety rating.

U S Xpress, Inc Driver Benefits

Because it is the folks that never went to school, and got licenses like this that complain about how schools don’t teach well enough. uss express reviews Back then, trucks were harder to drive, and surviving on the road was tougher, yet people could take off with little to no training.

  • If I can get the job without the aggravation and drama I’ve had to deal with over the last year, I’ll take it .
  • In any case, they both wound up with trucks that they could no longer afford.
  • She explains that attendees receive breakfast and lunch, hotel accommodation, and training pay during the session.
  • My time or money will not be wasted.
  • They were professional and efficient, but I was most impressed by the owner, that he was very hands on and worked right along with his crew.
  • Xpress announced last summer that it will give truck drivers medical benefits starting from their first day of employment.

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