It’s my go-to software for both hiring and getting hired.

I have landed every job with Indeed and have hired many people through the website as well! It’s my go-to software for both hiring and getting hired. In my experience, this is the platform with the biggest professional following. The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today’s consumer products and services. The company overall takes pride in the way they treat their employees.

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This has been discussed in detail with Indeed and they do not care in the slightest. They said that they could not corroborate our version and so the review would stay. I asked how this was fair when they had not corroborated the actual review… We received a dishonest review from a former employee. Having said that, we are always working to update and improve our products and we will ensure your feedback is brought to the attention of our Product team! Every time I try to upload my CV it is corrupted and shows the same start and end date for every job that I have had.

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Ask what their vacation is, start negotiating with that area if it’s important to you. And this obviously doesn’t just apply to vacations, use any trend data you find to help you negotiate and make an informed decision.

  • The automated services even matches you with positions that are new and/or ones you did not know of yet.
  • It’s best to stick with the known websites because they’re where people are most likely to comment on their job experiences.
  • The company truly cares about your career and where you want to go.
  • If you are looking to work in a fast paced learner friendly environment, look no further than here.

Fortunately, I still get to set my rate to match my budget. Some times some keywords mess around and gives a wrong keyword or a wrong job description but that’s alright if you know how to juke the system and type the better keywords easy express llc reviews . This is one of the fewest job boards applications which is realistic and make sure for both sides to know the answer ASAP. I wish that there were more format options when it comes to downloading your resume on Indeed.

How To Post A Job On Indeed:

As we know, every technology has its pros and cons. I have used Indeed as a candidate as well as an employer. As an employer, I am not a big fan of the pay-per-click model on which Indeed works. I have to pay for lots of clicks that are irrelevant.

indeed reviews employers

How can someone leave an honest review about a company they’ve taken to tribunal and won against when legally you can’t reveal details. There’s many reasons why former and current employees can’t leave honest reviews.

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