Indicate whether it is a full-time

You can choose to do so via two-factor authentication or by entering some information about your company manually. Indeed offers the option to sponsor job posts in order to boost their exposure. Specify how you would like candidates to submit their applications and whether they ought to submit a resume. Then, indicate where Indeed ought to send you daily updates about your job post and candidates. Indicate whether it is a full-time, part-time, or another type of post. Then, highlight how many positions are available and how urgently you need to fill them.

indeed reviews employers

Today Indeed suddenly disabled our account without any reason and they also rejected our appeal without any specific reason. We show reviews chronologically, and you can filter by star rating, language, location, or keyword. Proves they care more about profits from companies than candidates. They didn’t give me the customer service email address. I got a useless response on Twitter, gaslighting the whole way. I contacted customer services who told me that PDFs are a non traditional format and that had caused the problem.

Sites Where You Can Find Employee Reviews

Thankfully, employers can try to redeem themselves and combat any negative or dishonest reviews by replying to a submission. According to Glassdoor, 62% of job seekers say their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review. Company review sites aid job seekers in making decisions.

indeed reviews employers

Also I think it is great for those who want a job but not sure what job as Indeed is great with showing a variety of different job postings within your area. Because it’s so easy to submit applications, employers are inundated with a ton of resumes. That doesn’t bother me, but it makes it harder for them to respond to applicants, and creates a situation where it feels like the employer just doesn’t care. I literally submitted over one hundred applications for jobs I’m qualified to do, and got one response. And that wasn’t even an interview, that was just an email response that said thanks for applying. If someone is serious and dedicated to finding the right job and career, they will spend the time and money to apply and post resumes.

Fairygodbosss Employer Review Rundown

Comparably is a company review site focused on compensation and company culture data. With ratings for gender, diversity and overall culture, Comparably offers things candidates are really looking for when researching a company. Some employers prefer Comparably versus Glassdoor because it allows you to better control surveying current employers . If you’re researching a company and the only resources you can find are from the organization itself, with little insight from past or current employees, you might want to branch out to get another perspective. At Quora, you can ask questions on nearly any topic and people will reach out to share their knowledge, perspectives, opinions and ideas. It’s a great way to gain an outside perspective on working for a company or in a specific field or job title. If you aren’t comfortable posting a question yourself, you can search to see if anyone else has asked it before and read those responses instead.

  • We have detailed comparisons between Indeed and ZipRecruiter, Dice, Monster, and LinkedIn.
  • I truly dislike this new update where indeed is sending me notifications about rejections for jobs I’ve applied to.
  • And you can learn a lot about a business by looking at its social media pages to see what leaders in the organization post and share.
  • Talent acquisition individuals can sometimes not recognize that they have already been directed to an individual and repeat an invitation to apply for a specific position.
  • It was at this point he decided to leave negative feedback about us.

One CMO said that asking employers to respond to negative online reviews with positive online reviews can backfire because they can look superficial. In some cases though, employees of companies take the lead, and respond to negative reviews before a social media team or reputation management plan is put in place. Focused on graduate employers and employees the job crowd hosts thousands of reviews for potential uss express remote jobs candidates to read. They do a great job not only providing individual employee reviews, but also have reviews on specific job titles and positions. Their employee reviews are based on the premise of what the best and worst things are about the company and the employer profile has information on working hours, salary, and interview tips. I got my second job after college placement through indeed.

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