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Sign up to find drivers, or apply for truck driver jobs now for free. TruckMaster is the last trucking software, freight broker software, or truck broker software you will ever need to purchase for your transportation company. Understanding these 10 trucking compliance laws and commercial transportation regulations will help keep you, your operations, your drivers and the public safe. Xtreme Trucking is leading the way in the Refrigerated Transportation Industry, by providing our customers with impressive uss express levels of service. We achieve this by utilizing the latest technology in our operations and safety departments, maintaining an industry-leading fleet of equipment, and hiring only the safest and most talented drivers. U.S. Compliance Services offers DOT and FMCSA Compliance support to help your company avoid violations and follow DOT laws and regulations. Our professionals are here to make your job easier, so you can focus on more crucial operation aspects like managing your fleet and other daily tasks.

US trucking

"You’ve really got to make the wages and job appealing and profitable." These operating centers are strategically placed to fit both the customers’ and drivers’ needs. Last month, the transportation department projected freight tonnage will rise by 50% by 2050 to 28.7 billion tons. Trucks, which currently carry 65% of US freight tonnage, are expected to remain the predominant freight carrier.

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Partnering with an agent who knows the ins and outs of trucking regulations and freight compliance can save you from penalties to your operations. Review the following 10 trucking compliance laws to ensure you’re up to date.

  • Required paperwork on their first day of driver orientation to enroll in our apprenticeship program.
  • Driver Managers are responsible to individual drivers, not regions, so the Driver Manager works for the driver to ensure success.
  • Your company must register with a participating state, which will most likely be your base state.
  • Others that need to register under the UCR include freight forwarders, brokers and leasing companies unless you’re already operating as a Motor Carrier.
  • Under UCR 49 USC 14505a, any company that sends their drivers over state lines for work-related purposes must pay the yearly state tax.

The White House says it is "asking industry, labor, and all levels of government, to address these trucking workforce challenges and begin building a next-generation trucking workforce." As a trucking contractor or business owner, the last thing you want is to be penalized for not complying with the Department of Transportation or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. It’s vital to stay on top of the relevant laws to keep your workers safe and ensure you’re upholding the best standards as you transport loads across interstate and intrastate boundaries. ALG, a third party logistics company offers technology and transportation management solutions for shippers in USA. Use this US DOT trucking directory to identify trucking companies in your state and learn the size of their fleet, cargo types, contact information and more.

These Operating Centers Are Strategically Placed To Fit Both The Customers’ And Drivers’ Needs

FTL carrier by market value was Old Dominion, who in 2020 reported total operating revenue across all operating segments of four billion U.S. dollars. Hunt and Knight-Swift, who reported over 9.6 billion U.S. dollars and 4.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue for 2020 respectively. is dedicated to maintaining our status as the most comprehensive career resource for professional drivers. We specialize in providing a network of quality truck driving jobs for drivers, owners, operators and trucking companies.

The diversion of freight from intermodal rail to truck adds miles to import shipments, significantly increasing costs, the Cass Freight Index finds. Our Dry Freight Division operates in 11 western states, so home is always just a day or two away. Our Refrigerated Division operates longer routes throughout the contiguous 48 states. U.S. Compliance Services is here to help you stay up to par with DOT Compliance Laws and assist you in File Compliance registrations when necessary. We ensure everything is up to date so that you can focus on managing your business rather than DOT compliance paperwork. Wade spent a recent day at a distribution center waiting for cargo to be loaded onto his truck. He ended up leaving with only $150 of the $1,200 he expected, and the cargo was moved back into the warehouse.

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On top of scarce parking and volatile fuel prices, drivers have to contend with stressful traffic conditions and meager food options that make healthy eating impossible on the road. It had been a challenging day on the road and Desi Wade was ready for dinner. But as he uss express reviews pulled into a truck stop, Wade encountered a familiar frustration in the overstressed industry. Bringing you over ten years of experience in the Intermodal transportation marketplace. May Trucking Company is committed to our drivers as individuals and to their success.

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Any carrier doing business in the USA, whether based in the United States, Canada, Mexico or elsewhere, must register with the US Department of Transportation. We’ve obtained access to their trucking company registration data and made it easy to search these records. Thank you for dropping by to take a look at our trucking software systems. Be sure to check back often, we are constantly adding more material to our site. Over 20 years of continual improvements and additions have ensured TruckMaster’s position as the industry leader. You really owe it to yourself to request a free online demonstration of our TMS systems today!

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