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For example, AI-based forecasting solutions allow managers to plan supply chain processes and find ways to reduce operating costs. Self-driving AI and smart road technologies are affecting a positive shift towards delivery service automation. In addition, AI-based cognitive automation technology brings intelligence to automate administrative tasks and speeds up information-intensive operations. BDP International is a logistics and supply chain company headquartered in the Antwerpen, Belgium area, that employs 1001 to 5000 people. The company has its best ratings for paid time off (3.4 stars) and learning opportunities (3.3 stars). Havi Global Solutions is a logistics and supply chain company headquartered in the Downers Grove, IL area, that employs 501 to 1000 people. The company has its best ratings for paid time off (4.4 stars) and the people you work with (4.2 stars).

Third-party logistics companies, or 3PL companies as they’re often called, are businesses that help ecommerce companies fulfill the many steps of logistics and delivery. FreightPros is not an order fulfillment or parcel shipping service like FedEx Fulfillment, ShipBob, and Red Stag Fulfillment. Its freight-focused services are very well-rounded, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of storage or distribution services. It’s a point-to-point freight shipping 3PL company that deals with freight movement—not long-term storage or managed distribution.

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We connect shippers who need to move their goods and the truck drivers that have capacity to haul those goods. We are moving hundreds of truckloads across North America every day- you name it, we help ship it. Receive full access to our market insights, commentary, newsletters, breaking news alerts, and more.

  • There are many 3PL companies that focus their services directly on U.S.-based businesses and customers.
  • However, the eFreightLine portal, which is RedHawk Logistics’ small business tool, has largely positive online reviews on aggregate sites like Uship and Google reviews.
  • Like all industries, the logistics industry suffered a major blow with the advent of Covid-19.
  • Freight brokerage, intermodal and drayage, last-mile distribution, and global forwarding are all areas where XPO operates.

RedHawk Logistics offers an array of freight shipping services, from moving a single pallet to multiple containers, anywhere within North America. As usual in the freight industry, RedHawk Logistics taps nationwide and regional carriers to move shipments. But it neatly ties oversight of all of your freight logistics within a single streamlined management system. Bolloré Logistics, in Puteaux, France, offers multimodal services including ground, air, and sea logistics, as well as expedited services. The company features the largest integrated logistics network in Africa, and operates in over 100 countries. DSV offers logistics solutions, customs and compliance services, special project transportation, and air, sea, and ground transportation.


DHL allows companies to focus on their core business while they handle the process of cataloging and shipping their goods around the world. Looking to continue investing in robotics and automation, customer service and visibility, improving the digital freight marketplace and the area of data science. Thread In Motion provides brand new technology with its uss express smart gloves which provides hands-free use and weighs only 35 grams. If you are interested in digitizing the logistics processes, saving time and reducing costs please contact us. Today, the organization maintains over 75 million square feet of storage and distribution space in over 65 countries, including 14 million square feet in the United States.

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Data analytics provide actionable insights for the improvement of warehouse productivity, performance management, and optimal utilization of logistical resources. The data obtained from monitoring position and weather along with fleet schedules help optimize routes and delivery planning. The analysis of market data supports the further optimization of supplier pricing, inventory levels, and generation of risk management reports. Moreover, advanced analytics provide insights that help identify anomalies and offer predictive maintenance solutions. Australian startup Adiona develops AI-based Optimization Software-as-a-Service that allows companies to improve their logistics processes and reduce costs.

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